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Among all the issues you need to consider when going through a divorce, the future of your children is the most important. When you work with The O’Neil Law Firm, you meet directly with a skilled child custody attorney who takes your questions and concerns very seriously. This is a critical time in your life, so turn to a law firm in the Hartford area that has a reputation for getting results for its clients. We have worked extensively with all types of families, including unmarried parents, stepparents, grandparents and other relatives and concerned third parties. Creating a stable, loving environment for your children is our top priority.

Issues of child custody are typically the most challenging

Under Connecticut law, judges and mediators are guided by best interests of the child standards, which take several factors into account. These include the following:

  • Ages. A key factor in determining a custody arrangement is the age of your children, which may indicate whether one parent may be in a better position to support them.
  • Wishes of children. Our state’s laws allow for the preferences of your children to be considered as a significant factor in child custody and support agreements. This is usually the case when the children are over the age of 13 and reasonably able to give their opinions.
  • School and activities. A primary goal in a divorce should be to avoid disrupting the children’s lives to the extent possible. Mediators and judges certainly take this approach. For example, if one parent’s living situation would allow the children to continue attending the same school, that parent may be more likely to obtain custody.

Get solid guidance in custody and visitation legal matters

When you consult with us, you have access to a Hartford family lawyer who knows what it takes to obtain a fair child custody and visitation agreement, whether you are a mother, father, grandparent or other family member. We help you navigate the complex maze of paperwork and court protocols involved in this process, giving you the resources you need to protect your best interests and those of your children.

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