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Skilled counsel for divorce, alimony, child custody and visitation

With the complex nature and emotional issues involved, family law issues can wreak havoc on your entire life. If you’re going through a divorce or separation, you need the strong legal counsel provided by The O’Neil Law Firm in Hartford, Connecticut. A family attorney can answer all your questions and get you results in your family law case, whether it involves an amicable settlement or litigation. We offer attentive service and the tools and resources you need for a successful resolution.

Receive attentive support throughout the divorce process

Divorce is difficult for all parties involved. You need a divorce attorney in Hartford who listens to your concerns and follows through with focused legal counsel. We navigate you through the process of settlement, mediation, and if needed, court action. Our years of experience in addressing divorce issues give us an advantage in any scenario.

Obtain the financial support you need and deserve

Your future financial security is often one of the greatest concerns in a divorce. Alimony, also called spousal support, can allow you to continue to live comfortably, even after the dissolution of your marriage. We take into account all the financial and lifestyle circumstances needed to seek fair alimony arrangements.

Devise child custody solutions that benefit the entire family

Too often, children get caught in the middle of a divorce, and it’s critical for you to reach an agreement that gives them the best chance at a happy, healthy upbringing. We have successfully resolved a wide range of custody and visitation matters to secure reasonable child custody and visitation allocations.

Achieve fair divorce modifications to meet life’s changes

Long after a final divorce decree has been issued, certain life changes can necessitate a modification of your original agreement. A Hartford family attorney can be highly effective in advocating for your rights and the rights of your children to obtain a fair court-ordered modification. This is often the case if you’ve lost your job or need to move to a different area, making your original agreement burdensome. Turn to a family law lawyer in Connecticut for assistance.

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