A Hartford Family Law Professional Can Provide Solid Guidance for Divorce Modification in Connecticut

A divorce attorney offering skilled counsel in post-judgment actions

Change happens. It’s often unexpected, but it’s usually inevitable. Changes in income, residency and even health can necessitate modifications to the original divorce court orders. The O’Neil Law Firm in Hartford is no stranger to these changes, and we’re highly familiar with the intricate laws about how these changes impact divorce decrees. For nearly three decades, we have worked closely with clients whose circumstances changed to help them achieve successful divorce modifications in Connecticut that make their lives easier.

Methods for modifying the terms of your divorce decree

You may need to amend your divorce agreement for a number of reasons. If you lose your job, experience a decrease in income or are forced to move to a different area of the state or country, the original terms of your divorce may no longer be reasonable. A modification may affect the following:

  • Child support. These payments are calculated using both parents’ incomes at the time of the divorce. Situations can change quickly. If you can no longer afford your child support payments due to a reduction in income, a modification may be an option for you.
  • Child custody and visitation. If a job opportunity forces you to move far away from your children, you may no longer be able to retain partial custody or maintain the same visitation schedule.
  • Alimony. If you no longer have the earning capacity to pay the same amount of spousal support, you may seek a modification. This may also be necessary if your ex-spouse has obtained gainful employment allowing for self-support.

The legal assistance you need for a fair situation

As a Hartford family law firm with decades of experience in the Connecticut family court system, we know how to structure a sound legal strategy to accommodate your changing needs. We carefully guide you through the complexities of paperwork and court processes and explore options you might not have known existed.

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