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Keeping Your Connecticut Divorce Off “Track C”

Connecticut’s revamped case management system for family law matters — known as “Pathways” — places each divorce on one of three tracks based on level of complexity and the amount Read More

Deceptive Tactics to Watch for in a High Net Worth Divorce

High net worth divorces are those in which the couple’s property is in the millions of dollars. Such divorces usually involve complex asset portfolios that include bank accounts, retirement accounts, Read More

Equitable Distribution of Property in Connecticut Divorces

Divorce can be an arduous and contentious process, especially when it comes to financial disputes. In deciding how to split a couple’s wealth, Connecticut judges follow the principle of equitable Read More

How Do Children’s Preferences Factor Into Custody Awards?

Child custody disputes are often contentious and complicated. Each parent may have strong opinions about the role they should have in the care and upbringing of their child. Children may Read More

What is the Pathways Process for a Connecticut Divorce?

Connecticut courts recently transitioned to a new process for managing divorces and other family cases. Named “Pathways,” the process is intended to reduce the number of court appearances by parties Read More

How Are Divorce Proceedings Being Affected by the COVID-19 Quarantine?

Throughout the United States, the COVID-19 pandemic has changed our daily routine in ways that none of us could have ever imagined. Like everyone else, spouses who are already experiencing Read More

Will the U.S. See its Divorce Rate Spike After the COVID-19 Quarantine Ends?

With so many American residents stuck at home with their families, prognosticators have predicted that several months down the road, the country could experience a baby boom and a divorce Read More

Who Gets the Stimulus Check When Spouses Are Separated or Divorcing?

Going through a divorce is stressful enough, but the coronavirus pandemic spreading throughout the United States presents additional complications for spouses who have decided to split. In addition to changes Read More

Viewing 1 - 8 out of 8 posts